Early Intervention Centre

Early Intervention Centre has existed since 1979 and is intended for children from birth to 7 years old with retarded psychomotoric development or with "a risk of disability". It is here where a specialist team (doctor, psychologist, educator, speech therapist, rehabilitation specialist) d...

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Rehabilitation and Education Centre

Rehabilitation and Education Centre is intended for intelectually disabled children and young adults aged 7-25. The Centre has existed since 1989. Specialists of different fields ensure education, upbringing and widely recognised rehabilitation, create and realise programmes suited for individual ne...

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Workshop of Occupational Therapy

Workshoop of Occupational Therapy has existed since 1993 and prepares intelectually disabled teenagers and adults to work on positions of protected work and teaches them life self-dependence. Teenagers and adults under the supervision of therapists work in different workrooms (weaving, painting, fin...

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Local Self-Help House

Local Self-Help House is intended for intelectually disabled adults and it supports their activeness and abilities necessary for independent everyday life....

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Social Support Centre

Social Support Centre is a system of support for the intelectually disabled and their families. The Centre includes: - Short Stay Pension, Teenegers and Adults'Club, Parents'Club, Information and Advice Service (educator, legal advisor, social help), Percussion Orchestra Gamelan. Based on loc...

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